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Year of active investment and social development


Faculty of Dentistry



Qualification of a specialist - DOCTOR-GENERAL DENTIST

Duration of training - 5 years



It is located on the 1st floor of the main building of the Samarkand Medical Institute

Address: 18, Amir Temur street Samarkand 104100 Uzbekistan

Phone: 03662 33 81 08

E-mail: stom-sammi@mail.ru



Dean of the Faculty - Zainiev Sukhrob Sabyrovich

Phone: (3662) 338108

E-mail: suzayn@mail.ru



Deputy Dean-Matlubov Mansur Muratovich

Phone: (3662) 338108

E-mail: mansur.matlubov@mail.ru







The first set of students at the Faculty of dentistry of the Samarkand State Medical Institute was held in 2009.

Since the formation of the entire period of development of the faculty has gone with the constant attention and assistance of the university administration. In teaching the students of the faculty of dentistry the rich potential of the departments of the pediatric and medical faculties is used, where there are established scientific schools. Within a short time, it was possible to form the backbone of teaching staff in the profile dental areas and organize clinical bases for organizing a full-fledged educational process.

Since the very beginning of the organization of the faculty, much work has been done to improve the quality of teaching, new methods of conducting practical exercises are being mastered. In the e-learning system moodle.sammi.uz all the necessary material for the development of subjects has been created and a bank of tests and situational tasks for training and monitoring students' knowledge has been created.

At the junior courses, students of the Dental Faculty study humanitarian, socio-economic and natural sciences, including subjects of the medical and biological cycle. Since the 2nd year, the study of specialized dental disciplines begins: propaedeutics of therapeutic, surgical and orthopedic dentistry, prevention of dental diseases.

During the summer, there is a production practice for the profile dental areas. Annually contracts are signed with the health departments of Samarkand and other regions of the Republic on the establishment of SamSMI bases of practice. The specialty is provided with bases for carrying out all types of practices provided for by the state educational standard and curriculum.

When teaching, students undergo all kinds of practices: nursing, assistant physician-therapist, assistant surgeon, assistant orthopedic doctor, assistant pediatric dentist.

Graduates of the faculty are qualified as a "dentist". In the future, it is possible to study in the magistracy and clinical residency in the specialties that require in-depth training: "Therapeutic dentistry", "Surgical dentistry", "Orthopedic dentistry", "Children's dentistry", "Maxillofacial surgery", "Orthodontics".



Today the faculty unites 4 stomatological chairs:

· Department of 1st stomatology

· Department of 2nd stomatology

· Department of Pediatric Dentistry

· Department of Maxillofacial Surgery with a course of pediatric MFS 

The students of the faculty are trained in the departments that are located both in the clinical bases of the institute and at the bases of the Samarkand regional and city dental polyclinics, the children's polyclinic and in the department of maxillofacial surgery of the city hospital in Samarkand.

The mastering of profile disciplines by students at the departments is carried out in the conditions of a well-organized educational process implemented with the use of modern equipment, which contributes to deeper mastering of the educational material. At the departments there is a necessary complex of educational premises, educational and scientific laboratories, demonstration halls and classes, which allows to carry out the educational process in accordance with the curriculum, standard and working programs. Students through the Internet have access to the methodological materials of the e-learning system of the Institute.



Students of the Faculty of dentistry conduct interesting and diverse scientific, theoretical and practical work. Our students are also winners and prizewinners of regional, national and international competitions and conferences (in Omsk, Oryol, Astrakhan, Russian Federation).

Thus, students use the opportunity to systematize and generalize their theoretical knowledge, improve practical skills for the use of innovative technologies in conditions of personal-oriented education (organization and implementation of debates, business games, presentations, and public speaking in educational, scientific, social activities).

Teachers of the departments of the Institute conduct a great work on the organization of research work of students. Student scientific circles work at the departments. The subjects of their meetings are diverse, which allows students to choose the most interesting direction for their research.



The main activities in the work with gifted students are the creation of a program for working with gifted young people, holding training seminars for professors and students of the faculty for the selection of gifted young people, encouraging gifted students, establishing and strengthening creative ties with educational institutions of the Republic and foreign countries .

Gifted students of the faculty actively participate in student conferences and various competitions held in the Institute, medical universities of the Republic and the CIS.




The main directions of educational work at the Department of Dentistry are:

·        assistance to student self-government;

·        corporate education;

·        promoting student employment;

·        the organization of support of the creative initiative of students;

·        propaganda of physical culture and a healthy lifestyle.

The main forms of work that realize the main directions of educational activities at the dental department are:


·        creation and organization of work of creative, scientific associations and collectives;

·        association of students and teachers on interests through the organization of cultural-mass, sports, scientific-educational activities;

·        organization of leisure of students.

The organization of educational work at the faculty is carried out by the primary organization of the YSM "Kamolot" and the student trade union committee of the faculty, the Council for Educational Work, the councils of curators, the educational structures of hostels and bodies of student self-government.

In order to improve the effectiveness of educational work, to improve its organization, the principles of individual approach are used, at the faculty there is an institute of curators assigned to certain student groups who are appointed by the Department for Spiritual and Educational Work of the Institute and the dean's faculty of the most experienced teachers of research workers.

As part of the educational work carried out at the faculty, a significant number of events were held.


Students of the Faculty at the Republican Festival of KVN




Students of the faculty at the qualifying round of the KVN competition




Spiritual and educational work with students of the faculty