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Сулейманов Ремзи Ибраимович

1 OctoberМамурова Мавлудахон Мирхамзаевна
2 OctoberАбдуллаева Наргиза Нурмаматовна
Фазилова Гульбахор Фахридиновна
Усманов Рахматилло Файзулаевич
3 OctoberМахмудова Хуршида Иргашевна

Year of active investment and social development

Common condition

Public youth action of Uzbekistan “Youth Union ”(further is given as action) is nongovernmental noncommercial organization,with is created by natural persons in organizational-right form- public union for association of Uzbekistan youth for all round action and creating the condition for forming physic healthy, spiritual and intellectual developed, independence thinking young generation, its defense from detrimental influences and “mass culture”, to defense their rights and interests.

Nongovernmental, noncommercial organization

Was been founded in april 25.2015

Joining the youth from 14 till 30

Supreme power is “kuriltay majlis” is carried out once in 5 year

Main documents of the organization charter and program

The charter is consist of 11 chapter and 54 articles

The program is consist of 6 direction

The base of initial organization of educational institutions and establishments

The aims and tasks of the action

The main of the action is to forming harmonically development, independent thinking, having a place in the life position and firmly  youth persuasion, who can take honorable place in the society, to be key power and support in achieving noted aims in the process by reforming and restarting the country, providing an effective right defense, independence and judicial interests of the young generation, to arose the professional level of boy and girls, to realize their intellectual and art potential.

The main tasks of the action are:

-to take part in forming and realization of state youth politic in our country, to create civil society;

-patriotically and spiritual-moral training of young generation, protection the spreading the religious ideas and extremism among the youth;

- Achievement of taking an active part of youth to Principe’s realization “from strong country to strong society”, leaning on energy, knowledge, talent and potential of the youth.

- Defining and realization of long term of organization strategy, spiritual matters, appointed to training of young generation in the faith idea spirit of national independence;

-formation of independence and conscious relation to political processes in youth in the country and the world, development of active civil position and patriotism;

- support of positive and initiative by creating healthy spiritual-psychological atmosphere among the youth in all establishments of training and education, living addresses, and produced organizations. The influential examination of youth problem, its forth and world view on public-political environment, take action on their resolution;

- Provision of hormonal accordance in spiritual works, public debates, seminars and conferences cultural and sport meetings. Explanation of essence and meaning of realized reforms to the youth in the country, passed laws, Resolutions in mass information matters;

- Elaboration and realization of cultural- spiritual meetings program with taking into account of each region, requirements of the youth, their national compounds;

-   Achievement of regular and potential access of youth to unique spiritual legacy of uzbek nation, bringing up them in high morality;

- fighting with all religious appearance of fanaticism in the society, with any ideas and ideology, threatening the world and stability in the country

  -Providing harmonically combination in spiritual debates, discussions, session and conferences, cultural and sport meetings. Explanation of the youth and conception of the realized reforms in the country, passed lows, rules and decision in mass information;

-rework and realization of programs of spiritual-cultural meeting with taking into account  a specialty of each region, requirements and demands of youth and their national composition.

- achieving the regular and full access of the youth to unique spiritual heritage of uzbek nation, bringing up them in high spirit;

-fighting with all appearance of religious fanatic in the society, with any ideas and ideologists threatening the world and stability of the country.

- development and forming of the youth business experience, assistance of professorial mastering development by the organization of various social educations, social help center, clubs of training the youth in various professions;

-heading of the youth, who need national help, invalids, boarding school children to define their rights and independence, to create a care of them, educate them in mechanical art, to help them for getting jobs, to become full member of the society.

- Assistance in national science and culture development through mastering achieved world culture and science, modern technology.

- educate the youth for national pride for Mather land by Uzbekistan’s achievements in outer and inner politic;

- educating the youth for response to the Constitution of Republic Uzbekistan, other laws by the increasing legal knowledge of the youth, forming  active civil position and responsibility;

- forming an active and uncompromised position against any Principe social justice, which can face in our life  are bribe-taking, nepotism, grouping, careerism, alcoholism and drug, moral dirtyness and against any law disturbance, bad habits which came from the west and unknown of our national morality, against informational attack.

-supporting the youth and children society activity unions, nongovernmental and noncommercial organization, directed for youth development and children in the field of intelectual, creative  and physical.

- the activity coordination with youth and children society, nongovernmental and noncommercial organization of Republic Uzbekistan, with the purpose colaboration and program realization, which is directed social, economical, right problem resolutions;

-disposing corporation with state organs, nongovernmental organizations, mass information, and also international and foreign youth organizations;

-Developing the social nets of the youth, directed for youth social help and young families for getting psychological, medical, right and other view of consults, in choosing the profession and finding jobs, informational supplying of the youth, obtaining the youth with modern informational technology and helpful rest organization of the youth;

-creating the condition for youth physical culture training and sport in the frame of military training;

- turning ecological training into indissoluble and organic part of youths’ training;

- world assistance and stimulation of talented youth in education sphere, science, technical, informational technology, culture, art sport and employing;

 With a view of given above tasks realization, Action can accept according Programs of action by various direction of activity of the Action.

Rights and duties of the Action. 

Action has a right:

-  To make appearance with initiatives by various questions of social life, to put in an requirement to state members and luring by the increasing the effectiveness of the questions of youth politics;

-  To take part in results reworking of state members and ruling by social defense, to create the conditions for harmonically youth development in accordance, checked by the judgment

-  Confirming mass information and create tipping action in accordance.

-  Estimate its symbol

-  To carry meeting, forums, conferences, lectures and “round table”s by their activity questions.

-  Opening their own structural branches in the around republic in accordance with legislation.

The action should:

-  To follow   the legislation

-     To provide access to the apparatus, which is making registration nongovernmental and noncommercial organization, on providing its matters.

-  To present making registeration, tax and statistic members annual reports about their activities by accordance;

The action is responsible for the other provision by the legislation.