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Year of active investment and social development

Nowadays in  Samarkand State Medical Institute teaching is held in 5 faculties:

Medical facyulty (founded in 1930)

Pediatrician faculty(founded in 1963)

Medico-pedagogical faculty (founded in 2005)

Higher-nursing faculty (founded in 2005)

Dentistry faculty (founded in 2009)

Medical faculty

The dean of the faculty is d.m.s. S.I. Indiamonov

The assistant of dean: A.M. Isakov, A.E. Shadiev, I.B. Mustafokulov.

The activities of medical faculty started from the day of the foundation of the institute in 1930 and till 1963 there was only one faculty in the institute. Medical faculty teaches the physicians in the branches  “medical treatment” the physician of general practice. By  the National Programme for Training Department provides training for students in the direction of general medicine and medical residents, masters, senior scientific spesialists, advanced training of senior staff and a specialists in the field of health care. Carries a great educational-methodical and scientific-research work in the сhairs of the faculty.

There are a lot of notable scientists, professors and academicians among the graduates of the faculty. To date, the graduates of our faculty successfully carry out their activities in many countries abroad, in the SIC and in large medical centers of our Republic.

In faculty are trained a winner of the Presidential Scholarship, three owners of scholarships named after Abu Ali ibn Sina, as well as more than 20 students, who are the  winners of many contests and competitions. All this is the result of carrying out a wide-scale actions in the field of education and joint activities of professors and teaching staff with the students.

Pediatrician faculty

Dean of the Faculty: Assoc. Sh.Kh. Mavlyanov

Deputy of the dean: M.M. Yusupov, S.J. Yuldashev, K.M. Halikov

Pediatrical faculty of Samarkand State Medical Institute was founded in 1963. To the graduates of pediatrician faculty are issue bachelor diplomas  by the profession "General pediatrician." They have the right to continue their education by enrolling in the Master's and clinical intern in more than 20 specialties such as pediatrics, pediatric surgery, anesthesiology and resuscitation, pediatric neurology, hematology, neonatology, clinical radiology, infectious diseases, Traumatology and Orthopedics, Dermatology, Otolaryngology, ophthalmology, pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, and others. More than 20 chairs and courses of pediatrical faculty operate on the bases of advanced medico-profilactical institutions of the city and the region, which are equipped with modern medical-diagnostic high-tech medical equipment. There are  more than 200 professors – teachers teachs the students at the faculty, 49% of which have academic degrees and titles. At each department is created all conditions for higher medical education at international standards.

Scientists of the faculty work in collaboration with leading scientific and educational institutions in many countries in the preparation of highly qualified medical professionals and scientific research on contemporary issues. Under the leading ship of the leaders of the Institute have been made agreements on mutual cooperation with the leading higher education institutions in countries such as Austria, Italy, Belgium, Korea, Russia, Ukraine and others.

Medico-pedagogical faculty

Dean of the Faculty: Assoc. S.A. Ruzibaev

Deputyof the Dean: Z.M. Mahramkulov

The Faculty was founded under the leadership of the rector of the Institute AM Shamsieva in 2005 for the implementation of the development of the training system, training of general practitioners and educator- specialists for medical institutes and colleges according to the Decree №-343 of 16 August 2001, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the order №200 dated 21 August 2001, the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education.

Education in the Faculty is conducted under the program medical affair and some subjects like pedagogy, psychology, new pedagogical technology, pedagogical skills of speech is trained in greater depth.

Faculty graduates can continue their studies, respectively, therapeutic affair on narrow specialists in masters or clinical residency and can become doctors specialists.

Students are trained in clinical bases and teaches clinical laboratories with modern equipment, school educational facilities, and uses advanced technology and interactive methods in the classroom.

In the chairs of the faculty carry out their activities 4 professors, 14 associate professors, 3 assistant professors and 42 assistant (from them 4 of doctor of medical sciences and 22 candidates of medical sciences).

Is paid a lot of attention to the faculty scientific clubs of students. Research findings are reported in the clubs in student academic conferences, and published as abstracts. They were awarded scholarships and given attention in enrolling a master's degree and clinical residency.

Dentistry faculty

Dean of the Faculty: Ph.D. S.S. Zayniev

Deputy of Dean: A.I. Kamolov

In Samarkand State Medical Institute, the educational process in the direction of education "Dentistry" was organized in 2009 with an annual quota of 40 students receive. Currently on the faculty are trained 277 students. As well as being trained masters in dental surgery, prosthetic dentistry and preventive dentistry.

The Faculty has many training facilities that are equipped with the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic dental equipment. Students are  taught by leading specialists of the Republic in the faculty. Among them are many doctors and candidates of medical sciences.

Provision of educational literature in all subjects of dentistry is 100% and is represented by the recent literature publications recommended in standard programs. And the institute has e-learning center which aims to electronic and distance learning. All classes are conducted with the use of electronic material from the website of the Institute www.sammi.uz. Students have the  access to learning materials, and can also test their knowledge.

Students of the Faculty of Dentistry Samarkand State Medical Institute differentiate with high achieves. Among them, many students are winners of scholarships Abu Ali ibn Sina and other scholarships.

Higher-nursing affair

Dean of the Faculty: Assoc. N.N. Abdullayeva

Deputy of Dean: H.M. Rakhimov

The faculty was founded in 2005 and operates on the basis of medical faculty SamMI. the faculty is 3 year study of graduates of medical colleges. Studying more than 50 subjects, graduates will be qualified in 4 directions, namely obstetrician maternity unit, nurse of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Department of Surgery nurse, nursing manager. Personalities who have advanced degrees nursing can take the following positions: the main nurse (Nursing Manager); senior nurse structural subdivisions of health care institutions; senior surgical nurse; surgical nurse; Nurse Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care; obstetrician, nurse of maternity unit, a teacher of nursing, physician-statistician and Executive positions in the area.

In the faculty has a strong and experienced professors and teaching staff. Students receive high-quality education and acquire the necessary skills in different directions.

Students of faculty actively participate in various competitions and regularly win prizes. So, the students of the Faculty of O. Yakubova Bobomuradova S., M. Komilova take pride of place in the national demonstration competition "Hamshira-2008", held in the city of Bukhara, devoted to "Year of Youth." 2-5 July 2008 G. Yakubov was honored to attend the 12th Forum of the nurses in Europe, held in Tashkent.

Many graduates of the Faculty of Higher Nursing of Samarkand Medical Institute occupy key positions in the health care system. An example are the SR Rizaeva - Home Health Department nurse Samarkand region (Leading Specialist, Master's degree by HNA); IN Burkovnikova - the main sister Samarkand branch RSCEMC; Vohid Toshev - Senior paramedic of Hematology Department regional diversified children's center and others. Also, in our institute created the conditions for students who are more and work in health care facilities. Many students have graduated from training without leaving his post. Albina Turakulova, Dilshoda Holmuradova and other students studying at excellent grades at the same time served as chief and senior nurses.


Dear Applicants! If you want to devote your  life to the noble, selfless work of the health of our population, for  treatment of sick children, to be at the forefront of the movement to create a healthy, perfect generation of citizens of our homeland, proceed to study in Samarkand State Medical Institute, one of the leading higher education institutions.