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Happy Birthday!

Сулейманов Ремзи Ибраимович

1 OctoberМамурова Мавлудахон Мирхамзаевна
2 OctoberАбдуллаева Наргиза Нурмаматовна
Фазилова Гульбахор Фахридиновна
Усманов Рахматилло Файзулаевич
3 OctoberМахмудова Хуршида Иргашевна

Year of active investment and social development

Dear applicant!

    Welcome to study in one of the leading higher schools of Uzbekistan –Samarkand State Medical Institute, which together with the Westminster University’s Tashkent branch and Tashkent University of informational technology come in one level of the best HEEs in the republic of Uzbekistan.  rangking www.uz

Our institute was founded in 1930 and have more than 80 year history and rich traditional.


The main building of SamSMI

Nowadays there are more than 3000 students study in 5 faculties: medical, pediatrician, medico-pedagogical, dentistry and higher  nursing. More than 400 residents of magistracy and 270 clinical residents are studying in 26 and 35 specialist of magistracy and clinical residency as well.



Meeting hall in SamSMI





The small hall.

From 2013/14 the institute start to work the teaching process with moodle system. all subjects are structured in moodle and put into the system of electronical studying “moodle.sammi.uz” and “intranet.sammi.uz” the informational base which consist of 3.2 terabytes, from them -35900 are electronical materials, 18700 materials for practical classes,18200 methodological  elaboration ,1300000 materials for lectures,5200 presentation for lectures and 900 lectures with video films.




Teaching  hall of the institute.


Computer hall of pediatrician faculty.

For teaching students in the institute more than 700 computers are connected to the internet,  supplement with computers ¼ is one of the highest among HEEs in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

There is a test center in the institute, where in 5 computerized halls may pass final moodle tests more than 300 students at once. Lessons  are attended in 720 classes which supplied with modernized furniture and computers with access to the internet. Lectures are attended in 70 lectures halls supplied with multimedia. There is a videoconference  hall ,which is connect with “national net of electronic education.”.

The first time in spring term in the institute the classes began to be held on the method of “united day” from 2013/14 academic year in Uzbekistan. Preparation before and for the lessons during the day by a subject answers to the requires of the students to academic materials, increase the quality of education. With the purpose of  improvement of getting practical sciences of students during the term pass matricular practical sciences.

Teaching fundamental discipline are held by “z-system” creating the institution already from the 1 course. from that academic year the students pass  the licensed exams successfully step-1, step-2,step-3  which is answer to the world medical educational standards.

   All the educational reforms which are held in our institute by the rector of the institute Shamsiev  Azamat  Muxiddinovich directed to increase the quality of education and training high qualified medical stuff, who is able compete in the world labor market.

Welcome to study in the Samarkand State Medical Institute!


The student of the 1st course in the practical lecture of histology are studying microscope slide.


The students of the 1st course in the lecture of human anatomy.


The lecture with presentation materials www.entranet.sammi.uz and www.moodle.sammi.uz  in the chair of anesthesiology and  surgery


Students are attending at the gastroduodenoscopy  in the chair  of surgical  diseases  № 1


Students are having the examination on the practical science level 3 “intubation of trachea” in phantom


Student are in the training center  studying the respiration noises on phantom with computerized program  


Student are in the ward of a new born


Students in the chair of genecology of medical faculty are examining a heartbeat of the fetal


  Students are having the examination on the practical science level 3 “indirect massage of the hear” in phantom


The students of SamMI in holiday “Navruz”


The students of SamMI are dancing in “Navruz-2014”


SamMI’s ensemble “Feruza”


SamMI’s team “Avicenna” the winners  of numerous games 



Winners of 21st Russian students scientific conference with the rector Shamsiev A.M. and the members of administration of the institute SamMI.