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Year of active investment and social development





Qualification of a specialist – NURSE OF HIGH QUALIFICATION

Normative term of study is 3 years

Full-time form of education

The number of graduates annually ranges from 60 to 70 people.


Tel .: 8 (366) 2338108;

E mail: oxi-2019@mail.ru


Located on the 1st floor of the main building of SamSMI


History of the Faculty

The Faculty of Higher Nursing of the Samarkand State Medical Institute was organized at the Faculty of Medicine in September 1999. The first dean of the faculty was Associate Professor Tilavov BT. Students of the faculty are trained in 36 departments in 62 disciplines for 3 years.


During the functioning of the faculty the responsible position of the dean was helded by: Associate Professor Tilavov BT, Associate Professor Kubayev SE.


Since 2010, the Department of Higher Nursing is headed by Ph.D. Associate Professor Abdullaeva NN


For the period of existance the faculty has prepared more than 652 nurses of the top skills. Currently, the Faculty trains 195 students.



Dean of the Faculty

Abdullaeva Nargiza Nurmamatovna

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery


Deputy Dean of the Faculty

Islamova Dilbar Sadykovna

Senior lecturer of the department "Pediatrics 2, neonatology and propaedeutics children's diseases"



Dean’s office


Educational-methodical work

Research and medical work

Work with gifted students

Spiritual and educational work


The main objectives of the faculty

· Training of highly qualified nurses;

· Work on introduction of modern teaching techniques;

· Formation of high moral values among students, education of interest in professional activity, needs for a healthy lifestyle;

· Attracting students and teachers to the cultural and mass activities of the university


Departments of the faculty:

· Department of Anaesthesiology and Reanimation

· Department of Public Health, General Hygiene and Ecology

· Department of 3rd Internal Diseases and Endocrinology

· Department of Physical Education


Education at the Faculty

All the department work according to the general plan to the corresponding State general educational standard in the specialty. The faculty consists of 50 teachers including 4 doctors of science, professors, and 15 candidates of science, associate professors. The degree of faculty is 38% ..

Clinical and educational bases of the faculty are SamSMI Clinic, Samarkand Branch of the City Clinical Hospital, dispensaries and polyclinics in Samarkand city.

Graduates of the faculty work in various medical institutions and research centers of Uzbekistan, in the countries of near and far abroad

The teaching staff of the departments of the faculty of higher nursing is distinguished by high levels of teaching experience. Teaching staff continuously improve their qualifications both in major centers abroad and in medical institutions of Uzbekistan, the majority of teachers participate in the work of major international conferences, where they draw attention to the relevance of their speeches. The research work of the faculty is reflected in international, national and local publications.

One of the most important tasks of the faculty is the constant individual work of teachers and professors with students. It consists in the profound mastering of medical disciplines by involving students in research work, studying foreign languages and increasing computer literacy.

Student scientific circles work at all faculties of the faculty. The results of the research work are published in scientific journals and collections of scientific papers, and also presented in the form of reports at various scientific forums of young scientists, both in our republic and abroad.

One of the main directions of the faculty's activity is the formation of high moral values among students, the education of interest in professional activities, the need for a healthy lifestyle, and the involvement of students in the cultural and mass activities of the institute. To implement these tasks, the faculty has a supervisory board, whose activities are carried out according to the approved plan. Each curator of the faculty is assigned a curator, who is appointed from among experienced teachers. Under the supervision of the curators, the students of the faculty take part in public events, perform amateur performances, organize cultural leisure - visit historical monuments and sights of Samarkand, visit theaters and museums.

Cultural leisure for students. Students of the faculty take part in various creative competitions held in our Republic. Much attention is paid to physical education and sports. Students of the faculty attend sports sections on swimming, tennis, chess, football, basketball, volleyball, national wrestling, martial arts, track and field athletics, which function on the basis of the sports complex of the institute. They actively participate in both regional and national sports competitions.