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· Specialty 5111000 – General Medicine 5510100

· Qualification – Medical doctor in general medicine

· Duration of training - 6 years

· Full-time form of education


Mailing address: 18, Amir Temur street, Samarkand, 140100, Uzbekistan


Tel .: 8 (366) 2331274;

E mail: tib.ped@mail.ru


Dean’s Office

 Dean of the Faculty

Firdavs Surapovich Oripov

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department Histology, Cytology and Embryology

E-mail: tib.ped@mail.ru

Contact phone: (91) 541-04-35



Deputy dean

Kamalov Anvar Ibragimovich

Phone: (3662) 338108


E-mail: ai-kamalov@mail.ru




The faculty was organized on the initiative of the rector of the Institute of Professor A.M. Shamsieva in 2005. Similar faculties were organized in the Republic in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of August 16, 2001, No. 343 for the training of general practitioners, as well as physicians and teachers for medical colleges and institutes.

The first dean of the faculty of medical pedagogy was Professor NM Shavazi, who headed the faculty in 2005-2007. In 2007-2012 associate professor BS Abdullayev worked as dean. Since 2013 to 2018 the medical-pedagogical faculty is headed by Associate Professor S.A. Ruziboev.

Education at the faculty is carried out according to the curriculum program with a deeper study of special disciplines, such as pedagogy, psychology, the methodology of professional education, new pedagogical technologies, pedagogical skills, speech culture and others.

Graduates of the faculty who decided to choose a narrow specialty can continue their studies in magistracy and clinical residency in the areas of curative affairs.

Teaching and methodical work at all departments is conducted in accordance with the curricula and programs of higher education, a profile of teaching related and theoretical disciplines is provided. The Academic Council, an educational-methodical and competitive commission function at the faculty.

Students are trained in well-equipped classrooms, educational and clinical laboratories using modern technologies and interactive methods.

The industrial practice of students is conducted in the areas of curative affairs and pedagogy.

3 professors, 9 associate professors, 5 senior lecturers, 43 assistants, 4 of whom are doctors and 19 candidates of medical sciences, work at the faculties of the faculty.

Over the past few years, the faculty has defended two doctoral and four candidate dissertations. At the moment several doctoral dissertations are being prepared for defense.

Much attention is paid to the research activities of students. Materials on the results of scientific research are reported at the Academic Council of the Faculty and conferences with subsequent publication of the works. Based on their results, nominated scholarships are awarded, competitive selection in the magistracy and residency is carried out.

The collective of the faculty of medical pedagogy steadily improves the system of qualitative training of high-level specialists meeting modern requirements.

For a relatively short period since the foundation of the faculty, it has produced about 400 specialists who are fruitfully carrying out their scientific and practical activities.



There are four departments in the faculty structure:

· Department of Bio-Organic, Bioorganic and Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology (Head of Department, Prof. KT T. Sovetov)

· Department of Languages, Pedagogy and Psychology (Head of Department DH Babayev)

· Department of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Narcology (Head of Department, Associate Professor AS Velylyaeva)

· Department of Biophysics, Informatics and Information Technologies (Head of Department, Assistant Professor M.Malikov)

All the departments are equipped with modern educational furniture, computers, multimedia projectors, necessary visual aids. Many departments are equipped with phantom classes, where practical skills are practiced.

Current working programs on disciplines are constantly supplemented, republished and improved. Interdisciplinary integration is carried out in accordance with the curriculum.

At educational and methodical conferences, plans for classes, programs and thematic plans, recommendations for the publication of manuals are discussed and approved, questions of current control, attendance of students' classes, etc. are discussed.

Students of all faculties study in well-equipped clinical bases, classrooms, educational and clinical laboratories using modern technologies and interactive methods, business games, situational tasks, OSKE, etc.

In the educational process, decisive importance is attached to strict observance of educational and labor discipline, the wide introduction of advanced pedagogical technologies in the teaching process, improvement of the quality and effectiveness of teaching at the faculties of the faculty.

The real mechanism contributing to the achievement of this goal is the developed and implemented in everyday practice, at the initiative of the rector prof. A.M. Shamsieva system of constant monitoring of attendance and academic performance of students, provision of modern literature, continuous upgrading of teachers, etc.

Students through the Internet have access to the methodological materials of the e-learning system of the Institute.






Annually students of medical-pedagogical faculty participate international medical conferences, and are holders of first-degree diplomas and gold commemorative medals. Our students are also winners and prizewinners of regional, national and international competitions and conferences (in the cities of Moscow, Astrakhan of the Russian Federation, Chernovtsy, Ukraine).




In all the departments of the Institute a lot of work is being done to organize the research work of students. Student scientific circles work at the departments. The subjects of their meetings are diverse, which allows students to choose the most interesting direction for their research.



The faculty actively works with gifted students, at each department there are student scientific circles, which train students, future doctors - for scientific and practical activities.


The result of the work of these circles is participation in various scientific conferences of national and foreign scales. So in May, 2016, the scientific and practical conference of students and young scientists "Actual problems of modern medical science" was held in SamMI where the students of the medical-pedagogical faculty received diplomas and certificates.



At the faculty he studies a lot of talented youth, activists of the youth movement "Kamolot". Student 707 of the group Hasan Ibragimov, who is also the leader of the faculty cell of the youth movement "Kamolot", and is a laureate of the Presidential Scholarship.


The students of the Faculty Malik Shamsiev and Nargiz Shavazi, a student of the 704 group Shohrukh Yusupov, were scholarship holders of the Ibn Sino State Scholarship. In addition, the students of the faculty - Shohrukh Yusupov and Malika Shamsieva were laureates of the named scholarship to them. Academician U. Aripov.


At the faculty systematic work is conducted to find and work with talented young people. Annually students of the faculty take part and win in the Republican Olympiads for a variety of sciences.




As the Eastern wisdom says: "It is not possible to divide education from upbringing and vice versa education from education." Since the faculty trains teachers and educators, the spiritual and educational work takes a special place in the training of highly qualified personnel. The slogan of our faculty is "High spirituality is an invincible force". President Islam Karimov's book under this name is considered the main guidebook for every employee and student of the faculty. Spiritual and educational work is carried out on the basis of the approved plan at the beginning of the academic year by the pro-rector for spiritual and educational work.


According to the plan, various events dedicated to historical dates, national holidays, sports competitions, etc. are held. Regular meetings are held, together with the bodies of internal affairs, spiritual centers, and other organizations.


Each curator has a work plan, on the basis of which he conducts various activities with the curator group. There are also albums and CDs, for visual indication of the events held.


Students and deans of the faculty of medical pedagogy at the meeting of the holiday "Navruz"


Students of the Faculty of Medical Pedagogics at the celebration of the holiday "Navruz"